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Hypnotherapy - frequently asked questions

  1. What is hypnosis – it is a natural state where your mind and body are fully relaxed. This allows your subconscious mind to be  more responsive to suggestions to change behaviour. Its such a natural state that you will have entered into it on a regular basis while not realising it.
  2. How does is feel to be hypnotised – this is a very individual experience. Some people will feel heaviness while others will feel as if they are floating. Most people will report that it is a lovely feeling of total relaxation.
  3. Will I be controlled and made to do silly things – No you always have free will. your subconscious is always aware of your safety, morals and strongest inner beliefs. If at anytime anything which is suggested goes against these your subconscious will bring you out of Hypnosis. Think of when you've been sleeping and your woken by a noise – this is your subconscious waking your conscious mind to check all is well.
  4. What will I remember afterwards – its different for everyone, you may remember everything or just certain parts. You will likely recall the areas which will assist you to make the necessary changes which you desire.

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